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Enersize uses sensors to collect data about the usage of compressed air systems. Their software analyses the data, identifies trends, and assists industry in optimising their energy consumption.

Compressed air is commonly referred to as the fourth utility, and is ubiquitous in manufacturing and industry. Over 90% of all factories employ the technology, where it powers many of the mechanical processes. Enersize has developed a software for analysing compressed air efficiency in the manufacturing industry in order to improve processes and cut emissions. By installing sensors throughout a factory, the company can monitor energy usage in real time, and identify issues such as bottlenecks and design flaws. Their software then visualises and simplifies the data on compressed air usage to make it accessible to industrial managers. The company estimates that by using their software, manufacturers save on average more than a quarter of their energy consumption on compressed air.

At present, Enersize is operating in China and the Nordics. They estimate that their current customers are enjoying an average of 26.4% reductions in energy usage.

Why you should care

Compressed air is responsible for an estimated 5% of global electricity consumption. In countries like China, who are still heavily reliant on coal energy, this results in high emissions levels. Enersize’s software is currently managing 29 MW worth of power consumption across China and the Nordics, and estimates to be saving 1.417 million kWh of electricity or 1,062 tonnes of CO2 emissions every month.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and clean energy

Optimising the use of compressed air energy storage systems by collecting and analysing data can improve energy efficiency in industry.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Retrofitting compressed air systems with Enersize’s software is enhancing resource efficiency and sustainability in manufacturing plants where the company operates.

Climate action

Reducing energy waste from compressed air usage can eliminate unnecessary CO2 emissions from industrial processes.