The Solar Kiosk E-HUBB is a self-contained modular structure that can be deployed for a number of applications, from a restaurant to a refugee camp, in off-grid communities.

Since 2012, the Solar Kiosk E-HUBB has been using solar power to bring new commercial opportunities to off-grid communities in East Africa. The E-HUBB is modular and scalable, meaning it can be used in a range of applications – from a store selling essential goods, to a cinema, to a medical centre. The components are prefabricated and delivered disassembled, meaning they can more easily be transported to remote communities.

As implied in the name, the Solar Kiosk E-HUBB is powered by solar panels, with up to four kilowatts of photovoltaic capacity. It is fitted with a battery, lengthening the operational capacity. A key focus has been to stock the stores with solar products like stoves and lights to improve access to clean energy – in fact, the company estimates they have sold 200,000 of these products already.

Solar Kiosk E-HUBBs can be connected and share energy, effectively creating a mini-grid in off-grid areas. Multiple kiosks can create Connected Solar Market Centres, resembling a rural mall. Within these commercial hubs are new employment opportunities: Across 230 E-HUBBs installed, employees have received over 20,000 hours of training in useful business skills like stocktaking.

To date, E-HUBBs have been installed in 11 countries, reaching an estimated five million consumers.

Why you should care

At present,1.5 billion people live in off-grid communities, meaning they have little or no access to reliable and clean electricity. A lack of electricity can limit services like telecommunications, and access to education materials, health care, clean cooking technology, and heating. Solar Kiosk E-HUBBs represent an opportunity to drive clean electricity access in remote and disconnected areas while simultaneously stimulating commercial activity and economic growth.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and clean energy

Solar Kiosk E-HUBBs generate over 500,000 kWh of renewable electricity in off-grid communities each year and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Decent work and economic growth

E-HUBBs create training and employment opportunities for communities, as well as supplying infrastructure for innovation and entrepreneurship.