The Touché streetlight combines aesthetics with solar power to illuminate public spaces as and when they are needed to be lit, saving energy and light.

The Touché streetlight has in-built solar panels that discreetly cover the surface vertically from top to bottom, showcasing that sustainable public lighting can also be visually appealing. The panels provide enough energy for the streetlight to work without interruptions, even in countries where sunlight can be sparse. The solution requires no electrical connection, making it applicable both in cities and in countryside areas where grid access is a challenge.

“We create self-sustaining public lighting with integrated solar cells and aesthetic values.

Bjarne Schläger – Architect MAA and innovator, Bjarne Schläger Design

Producing about 2 to 3 times its own consumption, Touché can work as an energy contributor if connected to the grid. The streetlight can also feature intelligent communication units allowing optimal management of the individual lighting profiles by controlling movement sensors, operating data, alarms, and dimming.

Why you should care

Street lights account for around one fifth of global electricity use, and cost Europe €10 billion every year. The Touché streetlight is able to produce its own power and even provide more back to the grid, cutting costs and energy usage.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Quality Education
Providing street lighting in rural and urban areas can make people feel safer at night and reduce vehicle accidents.

Affordable and Clean Energy
The integrated solar panels provide enough energy for the lights and can also feed energy back into the grid if connected. The installed battery also makes it possible to install the lights in off-grid areas.

Sustainable Cities and Communities
Cities with smart lighting solutions like Touché can cut costs and save energy: Europe could save an estimated €3 billion by swapping to smarter lighting systems.

Climate Action
By only providing lighting when it is needed, and from a renewable source, Touché can help to cut streetlight electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Global Goals addressed

Deployed in: Korea, Denmark, the Netherlands, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia
Developed in: Denmark
Stage: Full implementation