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In order to make compressed natural gas (CNG) and biogas more attractive alternatives to diesel and reduce emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, Agility Fuel Solutions has developed long-range, lightweight gas storage systems.

Agility Fuel Solutions has created a light-weight compressed natural gas (CNG) storage system for large vehicles – including trucks, buses, and other fleet vehicles – that allows them to store more gas and travel further without refuelling than existing CNG fuel storage. Agility’s fuel storage systems are based on CNG cylinders made from a carbon fibre composite that weighs 70% less than conventional steel cylinders while storing more gas in the same volume of space. Vehicles using these systems can travel over 800 km before having to refill, which greatly increases the opportunities for driving with this cleaner energy source in locations where refilling services are limited.

Switching fleets to biogas or CNG as an alternative to diesel has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution – lifecycle emissions of these fuels are 84% and 15% less than diesel respectively. However, limited refuelling infrastructure can act as a barrier to fleets switching to biogas or CNG. Agility Fuel Solutions is breaking down these barriers by helping fleets go further between refuelling.

In the UK, grocery giant Waitrose is now operating a fleet of 58 vehicles that operate using biomethane generated from their own food waste, contributing to truly closed loop value chain. Their renewable biomethane, made by CNG Fuels, generates 83% less greenhouse gases than diesel and also costs 40% less. By using Agility Fuel Solutions’ lightweight cylinders, they were also able to extend the distance travelled per refill by 240 km making biomethane trucks a viable alternative for all the routes covered by their fleet. 

Why you should care

Heavy road vehicles currently generate 6% of total CO2 emissions in the EU and the US. Increasing the number of vehicles running on natural gas and biogas can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the transportation sector, which has so far proved very difficult to decarbonise. Agility Fuel Solutions’ CNG technologies make it more attractive to convert fleets to gas fuels by increasing the mileage travelled using a single gas cylinder.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good health and well-being

Around four million people die from ambient air pollution every year. Using clean burning CNG and biogas could help improve air quality and mitigate respiratory illnesses.

Climate action

CNG and biomethane generate significantly less greenhouse gas than conventional fuel sources like diesel, and can help to cut emissions from the transport sector.