ZBEST Power has developed low-cost, reliable and grid-scale flow batteries as a storage solution for China’s fast-growing, renewable energy market.

“We are dedicated to developing affordable, efficient, and reliable electricity storage solutions for China’s future renewable energy supply.”

Luke Lu – General Manager, ZBEST Power

By coupling energy storage systems with solar power installations, ZBEST ensures that clean energy is more fully utilized. ZBEST’s energy storage systems retains surplus solar power in flow batteries, where zinc and bromine – both readily available – are used as oppositely charged electrodes. The technology is low cost and can operate for ten years without losing capacity.

Instead of wasting excess solar power during off-peak times, the clean energy stored in the batteries acts as a buffer supply for the power grid and is sold back to the grid at peak times when prices soar. In addition, the energy storage system can be containerized to be easily transported and installed in rural areas where the power grid is often underdeveloped.

Why you should care

China is the world’s largest installer of solar power, but the grid capacity struggles to keep up with the rate of new installations. According to the China Electricity Council, more than 10% of the solar power generated in Qinghai province, China’s largest solar power producer, is wasted due to limited transmission capacity. ZBEST’s energy storage systems can bolster the grid and ensure that clean energy is utilized rather than wasted.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and Clean Energy
Together with solar power installations, ZBEST energy storage systems can be deployed to rural communities to provide reliable and clean electricity.

Climate action
If ZBEST’s storage systems are used to store up to 10% of China’s renewable energy capacity, they could reduce up to 23.6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

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Global Goals addressed

Deployed in: China
Developed in: China
Stage: Full implementation