This company was no longer operating as of June 2019.

This fashion label claims to be fully transparent, allowing shoppers to see the full picture of how clothes are made from the cotton fields to the shop floor.

Honest By creates desirable and sustainable clothing designs, and it communicates details about the entire production process and supply chain, from raw materials used to labor practices, and from price calculation to carbon footprint. They conduct extensive research into sourcing sustainable raw materials and tracing the origins of fabrics and trimmings used in their products. This information – down to the safety pins, threads and tags – is provided for each piece of clothing available on their website. This approach helps consumers make informed choices, creating greater demand-side pressure on suppliers to become more responsible.

“I started Honest By because I wanted to be proud of my work. Total transparency is easy. The only reason it doesn’t happen is because consumers don’t understand that they can demand it. If people asked for it, it can happen tomorrow.”

Bruno Pierters – Founder of Honest by

Why you should care

The fashion industry has a significant environmental footprint and it affects many workers, particularly in developing countries. Illuminating every link in the supply chain can prevent clothing retailers from claiming ignorance to unethical practices that are two or three steps away from the final shop floor.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Honest By collections are produced only in countries where legislation ensures and enables good working conditions.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Transparency in the fashion industry helps consumers to make more sustainable lifestyle choices and encourages suppliers to become more responsible in their sourcing and production practices.