Sky Greens uses a hydraulically-powered vertical farming system with closed-loop irrigation to grow vegetables in Singapore.

Using a patented hydraulic lifting system combined with a closed-loop irrigation system, stacked rows of planting trays are rotated on tall frames that are up to three storeys high. This approach facilitates intensive agriculture, as it significantly increases the productivity of the available land for growing crops.

Simplicity is beauty… the more complicated the design features, the costlier and unsustainable would be the solution.

Jack Ng – CEO, Sky Urban Solutions Holding

Due to its innovative irrigation system, Sky Greens reports that its intensive farming method is capable of functioning using only 5% of the water and 25% of the fertilisers and pesticides needed in traditional open field farms. Furthermore, its hydraulic lifting technology also means that minimal electricity is required, with one three-storey frame requiring around 40 watts per hour, or the equivalent of a small incandescent light bulb.

Why you should care

The World Health Organisation estimates that 70% of the global population will be residing in urban areas by 2050. With growing demand for food and unsustainable farming practices, the farmland on which global food is currently grown is degrading rapidly. Consequently, more sustainable and local food production is urgently needed. Sky Greens’ ability to increase the productivity of land while conserving resources and minimising pollution can help alleviate this problem.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Zero Hunger

The ability to grow food within cities and independently of the quality of the land available will contribute to global food security. Sky Greens can bolster food security in urban areas where the vast majority of food is imported.

Clean Water and Sanitation

According to the company, this closed-looped irrigation design results in zero agricultural run-off and eliminates the risk of contaminating water sources.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Cities could utilise this process and technology to produce a greater share of the food needed by urban dwellers, in order to become less reliant on imports and less affected by volatile and seasonal prices.

Life on Land

Achieving over 10 times the yield per unit area compared to traditional farms, Sky Greens could help to unlock current farmlands for more productive uses, or for restoration.