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Mahindra Waste to Energy Solutions Ltd (MWTESL) converts organic waste to biogas and organic manure.The technology converts more than nine tonnes of organic waste to energy on a daily basis to Chennai, and is operational in multiple Indian regions.

MWTESL has implemented several projects harnessing this scalable technology, with one in the central-west town of Indore that since its initiation in 2018 has processed more than 7,000 tonnes of organic waste, extracted over 180 tonnes of methane and produced over 300 tonnes of fertiliser. Similar projects have been started in the regions of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, with capacity varying from 18 to 45 tonnes per day.

Biogas provides energy to the cities in different forms, ranging from powering street lamps, to cooking applications, and for bus fuel. Converting organic waste into biogas also helps to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and reduce the release of methane from waste.

Mahindra’s 1.5°C commitment

Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group, was one of the signatories to the open letter urging companies to commit to setting science-based targets aligning with a 1.5°C scenario. The company was one of the first to commit to these ambitious targets and, as part of the Caring for Climate initiative, has put an internal price on carbon to help achieve these targets.

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