X-runner Venture brings waterless, affordable and reliable sanitation to urban low-income households that do not have a toilet.

x-runner has developed an appealing waterless sanitation solution for low-income households without access to conventional toilets in the capital of Peru, Lima. With subscription to a pick-up plan, households receive a waterless, urine-separating toilet combined with a weekly service that collects waste directly from the home. At the treatment hub, human faeces are safely processed through composting, generating a supply of natural fertilizer for farmlands.

This customer-oriented model creates an instant improvement in the lives of families, while keeping human waste out of waterways and maintaining the cleanliness of neighborhoods.

At x-runner, we believe in a world where every single person can fulfill his most basic needs with the dignity everyone deserves.

Isabel Medem – CEO, x-runner Venture.

Why you should care

There are still 2.3 billion people without access to proper sanitation. Furthermore, where water is scarce, sewage-based reticulation is expensive and inefficient to install and operate. In Lima, Latin America’s most polluted city, close to a quarter of the population is not connected to the public sewer network. This affordable and easy-to-install sanitation system addresses low-income families’ health, social, environmental and financial challenges.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

Diarrhea kills more people than Malaria, HIV/Aids and tuberculosis combined, affecting around 760,000 children under five each year, according to x-runner.

Clean Water and Sanitation

This solution delivers dignified and effective sanitation to areas without sewage systems. Treating human waste properly stops it from contaminating drinking water sources.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Lima is the second driest capital in the world, so finding an innovative, waterless alternative sewage solution is important, especially for the 2 million slum dwellers.