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100 Climate Actions from Cities in Asia and the Pacific


The public sector can exert a huge influence on private activity. By adopting a green procurement approach, Xiangtan is using its influence to create positive change.

As part of Xiangtan’s larger green transformation program, the city has introduced a green low-carbon procurement policy. Xiangtan is the first city in the People’s Republic of China to introduce a green procurement policy with proper institutional set-up for execution and implementation. By 2022, the aim is to incorporate the green procurement policy into its fully functioning e-procurement system, with integrated low-carbon procurement data and monitoring and reporting functions.


Green public procurement is a process where public authorities search for goods, services and works that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle. It is a voluntary policy tool that many other cities throughout the world have successfully implemented to cut greenhouse gas emissions that the city is responsible for.

In 2018, Xiangtan was selected by the National Development and Reform Council (NDRC) as a low-carbon city, and this is one of several programs being implemented in a drive to peak local emissions by 2028.

The introduction of the green low-carbon procurement policy is a part of Xiangtan’s low-carbon policy and institutional reforms supported by the ADB’s policy-based loan of $50 million.

It is hoped that Xiangtan can serve as a model of green procurement for other public institutes, businesses, and cities across the country (photo by Haiping Yu).

The Challenge

Xiangtan has experienced rapid urbanization and growth over the past decade which corresponds to increased consumption and emissions.


Economic The project promotes local green and low-carbon technologies and suppliers, and consequently will contribute to local economic growth.

Environment The range of measures presented in this plan contribute to overall emission reductions for the city, which will reduce air, water, and soil pollution.

Health By creating lifestyle and consumption habits that emphasize resource conservation, Xiangtan will be able to sustainably grow its economy and society.