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Snact has developed a range of fruit-based snacks made from produce that would otherwise have been wasted, helping to reduce food waste and provide healthy snack options.

Snact rescues produce that fails to meet cosmetic standards and turns it into healthy snack bars. These products have a longer shelf-life than fresh fruit, reducing the volumes of food waste. Their first product was fruit jerky, a dried fruit snack made with 100% fruit and nothing else. They’ve since launched banana bars made with some of the 1.4 million bananas that go to waste in the UK every day.

In Britain where the company is based, supermarkets are the main customer for farmers, and impose strict guidelines on what constitutes acceptable fruit. If a banana is too wonky, an apple too blemished, or a carrot too kinky, the supermarkets reject the produce and the fruit goes to waste, despite no issues with taste or nutritional value. The company has also developed packaging for their snack bars that will biodegrade in six months, taking inspiration from nature’s own packing – the banana skin – and helping to ensure their product does not have a negative environmental consequence after consumption.

Why you should care

Around 1.4 million bananas alone are wasted in the UK every day. Snact works with farmers, wholesalers and supermarkets to produce ‘less waste, more taste’.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Zero hunger

Snact is doing their bit to help halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer level, and reduce food losses along production and supply chains by 2030.

Responsible consumption and production

There is more than enough food produced to feed the global population. Eliminating food waste at different points in the supply chain shows that through reducing waste, we can feed more.