Sistine Solar is making solar power more aesthetically pleasing by designing panels that integrate visually with the surrounding architecture.

Installing solar panels on roofs can change the aesthetics of a building. Some homeowners and companies decide against investing in solar power simply because they think the panels will damage the ‘look’ of their properties. Sistine Solar has developed SolarSkin, a method for layering visual graphics over solar panels without impairing their efficiency.

SolarSkin allows them to design and install more attractive solar panels using customizable graphics. This makes it possible for homeowners to purchase solar panels that are custom-matched to the color or pattern of their particular rooftop or facade. Alternatively, business owners can also choose to cover their solar panels with branding, serving as advertising to passers-by.

For solar to become ubiquitous, it must tug at the heartstrings. And we believe the way to someone’s heart is through effective design.

Ido Salama – Co-founder, Sistine Solar.

Why you should care

Solar energy is the most abundant energy source on the planet, but at present solar accounts for less than 1% of electricity production in the USA. While the cost of solar panels has decreased substantially, the appearance of the panels has not changed much. This solution allows solar power to look better and more visually integrated, making solar a more appealing option for more building owners.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and Clean Energy

This solution increases the appeal of solar panels to a larger market of home and business owners.

Climate Action

There is a large climate incentive to increase the uptake of household solar power: installing solar panels on rooftops helps to prevent tonnes of CO2 emissions.