The Embrace Care is an affordable infant warmer that uses a phase-changing material to keep premature and underweight babies warm for hours without using electricity.

The Embrace Care makes use of a phase-changing material to maintain the infant’s temperature at a constant 37° C. Keeping infants warm is essential for building their strength and resistance to diseases. Incorporated into a simple sleeping bag design, the warmer is portable and non-electric, making it ideal for use in off-grid communities in developing countries.

The design consists of a heating pad that is activated in boiling water and then inserted into a special compartment in the sleeping bag. After heating, the pad provides a constant warm temperature for up to six hours, after which it can be re-melted and reused.

Why you should care

Preterm and underweight babies have the highest risk of health complications and death. Up to 80% of all newborn deaths occur among babies who are preterm, small for their gestational age or both. Together with the Embrace Nest, a similar warmer designed for hospitals and ambulances, the Embrace infant warmers are estimated to have helped over 200,000 babies in developing countries across the world.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

This solution provides a high-quality and essential solution for  thousands of babies born in settings that lack reliable electricity and adequate incubation facilities.

Affordable and Clean Energy

The warmer keeps infants at a constant temperature without electricity, helping to make postnatal care at all hospitals more resilient.

Reduced Inequalities

Embrace Care is an affordable solution delivering life-saving care at a fraction of the cost of conventional equipment, making improved postnatal care accessible to more people.