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Asian Development Bank

100 Climate Actions from Cities in Asia and the Pacific


A poster campaign in Ulaanbaatar sought to provide education about environmental issues through the medium of graphic art as part of a larger cultural movement.

The “Me+We” project utilized visual storytelling in order to raise awareness of the current challenges that have resulted from a period of rapid urbanization in Mongolia’s urban center. Graphic art presented a simple, yet powerful tool that could be understood universally, and which could reach new audiences through the use of social and mass media outlets.

The nation’s top graphic artists worked in collaboration with activists and environmental experts to create images designed to educate the population on some of the most pressing environmental issues the city faces, including air pollution and predicted water shortages.



The completed exhibit, composed of over 50 posters, launched in 2018 in the widely visited Shangri-La Centre before later travelling to the country’s largest universities and neighboring regions. The way in which action today can influence the future was a focal point of the exhibition, which affirmed the important role Mongolia’s younger generation has to play.

Thousands of people, the majority of whom were between the ages of 18-30, visited the exhibition, and overall engagement passed 1.5 million (photo by Climate Campaign NGO).

The Challenge

Ulaanbaatar is confronted with hazardous air quality resulting from emissions and frequent water shortages, both of which will be further exacerbated by climate change.


Economic Local businesses and NGOs benefitted from funds raised by the exhibition and commercial merchandise based on the graphic designs.

Social The emphasis on an environment conscious and community-centric approach inspired continued public engagement and opened the door for art to be used as a tool for advocacy.