This company was no longer operating as of June 2019.

Spotcycle is a free bike-share app that locates the nearest bike stations for available bikes and parking. The app also maps out bike routes and helps cyclists navigate in cities worldwide.

Spotcycle has developed a smartphone application that assists bike-share users in getting the most out of their experience by locating bike stations, mapping out route options and giving cycling directions.

Spotcycle’s scalability, adaptability and comprehensive support of worldwide bike-share schemes helps cyclists and tourists to take advantage of a healthy, affordable and sustainable solution for urban transportation. With Spotcycle, every city does not have to invent its own bike-sharing technology. Spotcycle is already available in cities in North America, Australia and Europe.

Spotcycle maximize bike-share experiences all over the world, while supporting a healthy and low-carbon transport system.

Isabelle Bettez – Co-Founder, Spotcycle.

Why you should care

Bike-share systems help take cars off city roads while extending and complementing other modes of public transportation. The success of bike-share schemes largely rests on making them easy to use. Spotcycle provides a data platform that cities can adopt to make commutes hassle-free, which in turn encourages repeated use of their bike-share systems. This makes Spotcycle a practical solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, gridlock and smog in cities around the world.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

Cycling increases mobility, reduce obesity and other public health problems. Additionally, reducing road traffic improves air quality.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Spotcycle can help improve urban bike sharing and data can also be used by town planners to improve cycling infrastructure in their cities.

Climate Action

Replacing commutes in fossil-fuelled cars with commutes by bicycle will help to reduce the CO2 emissions.