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100 climate solutions from Danish Municipalities


Faxe has successfully implemented a sustainability strategy for municipal buildings, ensuring each square meter is sustainably and efficiently used.

Faxe Municipality has achieved the ambition of making municipal properties cost- and energy-efficient. As part of the strategy, the municipality has let go of buildings that are worn out or not in use. In some cases, properties are sold to, and then renovated by, private owners, while those with the poorest energy ratings have been demolished in a responsible manner.


Besides demolishing and selling small properties with old heating systems, the municipality has also prioritized making better use of spaces, improving their energy efficiency by installing modern heating systems and adapting them for various users. By integrating more user groups and their needs into fewer buildings, the municipality offers climate-friendly buildings of higher architectural and interior quality. All user groups were consulted with and, as a result, they now have access to better facilities. One example is the Youth Club, which previously had an entire house to its disposal but was only spending a couple of hours a week there. The Youth Club has now been relocated to a meeting space in a school where youngsters can meet and gather for after- school activities.

Faxe Municipality optimizes the use of old buildings by, for instance, turning this old village school into a nursery.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and Clean Energy

The project invests in energy-efficient solutions which boost the energy ratings of municipal buildings. For example, solar panels and a heat recovery system have been installed in one school.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Head of public institutions, staff and users have been involved in the planning process to ensure all parties’ needs are met and that stakeholders’ voices have been heard.

Responsible Consumption and Production

The municipality has gone beyond merely selling run-down buildings to mitigate bad energy ratings, but have instead demolished them to eradicate the negative environmental impact entirely.