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100 climate solutions from Danish Municipalities


An old paper mill has been transformed into a recycling and innovation center as part of the municipality's sustainable business strategy.

Ressource City is the name of Næstved Municipality’s ambitious climate initiative. By creating a green business cluster, Ressource City helps to solve issues such as lack of resources, negative environmental impact and climate challenges. The EU-supported project is a collaboration between the municipality, organizations, businesses, schools, universities and entrepreneurs.


Small and medium-sized enterprises can join Ressource City to receive aid for developing green products, services and business models. Among others, the initiative will also take part in designing intelligent waste recycling containers to be installed underground in central Næstved.

1,300 guests, including a Chinese delegation, have visited Ressource City to learn about circular economy, construction and waste in a Danish context.

Ressource City resides in Maglemølle, an old retrofitted paper mill renovated to house the project. In addition, an advisory service has been established to support companies and entrepreneurs. The service has led to a partnership between Reiling Glas Recycling and Ardagh Glass Holmegaard with one partner annually sorting 100,000 tonnes of collected glass, and the other reusing the sorted glass for new bottles. This partnership is an example of local collaboration integrating recycling, job creation and CO2 reductions, creating a virtuous cycle for all involved.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Ressource City is part of the municipality's future-oriented business strategy which also addresses issues facing peripheral towns and municipalities, such as citizens relocating to bigger cities.

Responsible Production and Consumption

As the average Danish household produces 1,272 kg of waste per year (2015), this project stands out by focusing on improving resource and waste recycling, waste prevention and reducing energy consumption across the municipality.

Partnerships for the Goals

With its focus on partnerships and knowledge sharing, Ressource City is busy producing a recipe that can be followed by other municipalities in the country and globally.