Olleco collects organic waste from the food industry to produce biogas, compost and biodiesel that is supplied back to companies.

Olleco collects waste food, waste fats and used cooking oils from its 50,000 food industry customers, which include hotels, restaurants, pubs and canteens. Most of these customers would otherwise pour used oils down the drain and send food waste to landfills. Once collected, the food waste is transferred to an anaerobic digestion plant, produces renewable heat and power. This clean energy powers a conversion process that produces biodiesel from the waste fats and used oils.

To ‘close the loop’, Olleco offers the biofuel back to their customers to run their distribution fleets, and it also offers delivery of new cooking oil. The only output of the process is a rich compost, which is used as a chemical-free fertilizer.

Olleco is revolutionizing the way the food industry manages its waste. Our vision is 100% resource recovery.

Adam Baisley – Commercial Director, Olleco.

Why you should care

Nearly one million tons of food waste are produced by UK food businesses every year, costing the industry around $3.8 billion annually, according to the Waste and Resources Action Programme. Olleco addresses this problem by using the energy contained in 100,000 tons of organic waste to produce 16 million liters of biodiesel each year.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Decent work and economic growth

The company Olleco has created more than 550 jobs by turning waste into biofuel, showing the employment potential in the green economy.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Olleco diverts organic waste from the food industry that would otherwise fill the UK’s landfills and produces renewable heat and power that is then used for biofuel production.

Sustainable cities and communities

Waste management is an important aspect of creating sustainable cities and Olleco is showing how food waste can become a part of a clean and sustainable energy strategy.

Responsible consumption and production

The cooking oils and fertilizer produced by Olleco present more sustainable consumer alternatives to conventional cooking oils and fertilizers.

Climate action

Olleco produces sustainable biodiesel from organic waste that achieves an overall 95% greenhouse gas saving compared to conventional diesel, according to the company.