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100 climate solutions from Danish Municipalities


Odsherred’s climate change adaptation plan combines coastal protection and water management with local goals for urban development, tourism and trade.

With many low-lying areas, the City of Nykøbing Sjælland is vulnerable to storm surges and cloudbursts. Therefore, Odsherred Municipality has made a climate adaptation plan for Nykøbing Sjælland, where elements such as urban development, improved nature and water quality will be combined with efforts to climate-proof the area. Among others, Nykøbing Sjælland will be protected against a 1-in-50-year flood in 2050. This safeguards around 55,000 m2 of ground floor area in private homes, 3,000 m2 of basement area and 29 companies. By preventing flood damages, 67 million EUR worth of damages could potentially be saved.


The stream, Grønnehave Bæk, is also part of the project included in the municipality’s overall climate adaptation plan, which drains rainwater away from a 120 hectare rural area outside Nykøbing Sjælland and a residential neighborhood in the city.

Nykøbing Sjælland's low-lying urban areas along the coast are at high risk of flooding during cloudbursts and storm surges.

A new stream along the coast transports rainwater around the city, helping to prevent floods. Although the plan for Nykøbing Sjælland is still in an early phase, it clearly demonstrates the importance of incorporating all municipal strategies when planning climate adaptation initiatives. Additionally, the municipality recognizes that climate-proofing the city center benefits tourism and local companies as well.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Clean Water and Sanitation

The climate adaptation project will reduce pollution in Nykøbing Bay. This will improve the water quality of the Isefjord, which houses several Natura2000 sites (protected nature areas).

Sustainable Cities and Communities

In addition to preventing damages caused by cloud- bursts and storm surges, local drainage systems will be installed in all new urban areas to avoid overloading existing city sewers.

Partnerships for the Goals

The project is collaborative and involves many stakeholders, including Odsherred Municipality, Odsherred Forsyning, Orbicon / Lynghus Consult, anglers and local citizens.