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100 climate solutions from Danish Municipalities


By joining forces with newly graduated climate contractors, a number of municipalities are ready to involve citizens in water management.

The predicted future increase in the frequency and severity of rainfall presents a challenge for drainage capacity. The need is increasing for landowners to have separate drains and handle rainwater on their own sites. But for most people, the answer to how they can secure their homes is far from obvious, including how they can actively contribute to climate adaptation. The project Together on Climate Adaptation (Sammen om Klimatilpasning) has succeeded in developing important tools to create a common understanding and commitment which can lead to increased awareness of recreational rainwater solutions in our own gardens.


By educating local sewage contractors and landscapers as climate contractors, knowledge is disseminated amongst the local population. This sharing gives landowners access to competent advice and well-developed solutions where water is made into a resource, rather than a problem. At the same time, the establishment of partnerships between municipalities, utility companies and landowners stimulates the development of blue-green areas and beautiful gardens. Climate events and online communities offer landowners the chance to share their experiences and inspire further climate protection.

29 newly educated climate contractors are ready to guide homeowners like Kurt, who is in the process of maintaining his new local rainwater drainage.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Together on Climate Adaptation promotes a new green business area through educating climate contractors in the adaptation of homes, rainwater treatment and sales through social media.

Cimate Action

In addition to increasing knowledge about climate adaptation for both climate contractors and landowners, the project reports real-life climate adaptation projects on social media.

Partnerships for the Goals

Ten partners have joined the project, a collaborative effort which makes it easier for municipalities, companies, and landowners to handle rainwater on their own sites.