myNewEnergy has a digital comparison tool to allow consumers to estimate the cost of converting to cleaner sources of power for their homes.

The digital comparison website allows customers and small companies to compare the price and source of locally available electricity products The available electricity products are rated by source of energy, price, environmental impact, and ecological measures for customers to choose preferred electricity. When a products is selected, myNewEnergy ensures local power suppliers deliver the desired green energy.

The company is currently only operating in Switzerland with an ambition to cut down domestic power supply from coal, without importing carbon-intense energy from abroad. With the power purchases via myNewEnergy, an estimated 300 solar systems – accounting for over 1 GWh of green electricity – have been financed by 2018.

Why you should care

The energy market is notoriously difficult to navigate, and many European countries see low rates of switching, where consumers change their energy providers. This also suggests a lack of knowledge amongst consumers about where their power comes from. myNewEnergy helps consumers to understand more about where their electricity comes and feel empowered to make a difference by demanding cleaner sources of energy.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and Clean Energy

myNewEnergy has helped to finance more than 300 solar systems, contributing to increasing the share of renewables in the energy mix.