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By growing companies that preserve natural resources, buying a share in Loudspring means showing support for sustainable companies and finance.

Based in Finland, Loudspring is an industrial group focused on saving natural resources through owning and operating Nordic growth businesses that are making big environmental impacts. They focus on five global industries – food, fashion, energy, manufacturing, and real estate – and every year calculate the impact their investments have on carbon emissions and water usage. In 2017 the company estimated they had saved 158,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and 13.7 million cubic metres of fresh water.

To date, Loudspring have raised more than $180 million in financing for companies that aim to save natural resources, including Nuuka, a Finnish firm that provides energy savings and optimisation as a service in the real estate sector, and Eagle Filters, a firm that helps natural gas burning power generation utilities become more efficient through improved intake air filtration.

Why you should care

The EU Commission estimates that over $200 billion of extra investment is needed in order to achieve their ambitious climate and energy targets by 2030. Companies like Loudspring show that when investment is concentrated in sustainability-oriented companies, we can accelerate the change that is needed.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Clean water and sanitation
Loudspring targets companies that can make big changes to water usage and tracks the impacts of their investments.

Climate action
The company estimates their portfolio helped to save a total of 158,000 tons of carbon dioxide in 2017.