Circularity Capital invests only in companies who are working within the circular economy, helping to accelerate companies reducing resource consumption and delivering strong returns on investment.

Circularity Capital is a specialist private equity firm investing in European growth stage small to medium sized enterprises operating within the circular economy. The company uses the circular economy as a framework to support businesses decoupling their growth from resource constraints, enhance resource productivity, and drive competitive advantage in the companies they invest in.

Since securing £60 million at the end of 2018, Circularity Capital has invested in 3 businesses: Winnow, Grover, and ZigZag. Winnow is an AI-driven food waste reduction technology for restaurants and catering companies, Grover is a sharing-economy app for technological devices, and ZigZag is an app for improving the parcel-return process.

Why you should care

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates that there is a material cost-saving potential of USD 700 billion globally in the fast-moving consumer goods sector alone. Moreover, adopting circular economy principles can help to halve emissions in food, mobility and the built environment by 2030 compared with today’s levels. New investment models such as Circularity Capital can help to accelerate the progress of the circular economy.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Circularity Capital is improving global resource efficiency in consumption and production, ultimately helping to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation.

Responsible Consumption and Production

By investing in companies who have adopted circular economy principles, Circularity Capital help to reduce waste generation. Winnow's solution is currently estimated to be saving more than 12 million meals from being wasted every year.