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100 climate solutions from Danish Municipalities


Frederiksberg seeks opportunities from a new public procurement directive and co-creates new solutions with private actors.

Like many other Danish municipalities, Frederiksberg is struggling to manage heavy rains. The municipality has therefore decided to test the new Innovation Partnership procedure. This procedure enables the municipality to enter into dialogue with market players and creates an impetus for future-proof innovation, rather than resorting to known but insu cient solutions. The project is a good example of how public institutions can use tenders to drive innovation and support the development of new climate adaptation solutions. Frederiksberg is a frontrunner in this area, as only a handful of Danish municipalities have seized this new opportunity so far.


Frederiksberg has had conversations with 40 suppliers, ultimately choosing to enter into an agreement with two innovative consortia. In consultation with the municipality, these consortia have developed new solutions for punctual rainwater management. The municipality has required that the solutions can handle a certain amount of water, while being both scalable and modular. Additionally, it must be possible to construct the nal solutions in line with the existing road structure at a low cost. The municipality plans to use the collected rainwater to water its trees, and solutions are expected to be implemented by summer 2018.

Through thorough documentation, Frederiksberg has enabled other municipalities and regions to duplicate contract models for the Innovation Partnership.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The solutions proposed for punctual rainwater management improve infrastructure in Frederiksberg, while driving innovation in climate adaptation solutions and products.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

The solutions for punctual rainwater management secure sustainable urban spaces, as well as making Frederiksberg more resilient to extreme weather and climate- related events.

Partnership for the Goals

The project has brought public and private actors together in a unique collaboration, which brings attention to co-creative solutions to climate change and incentivizes others to follow suit.