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100 climate solutions from Danish Municipalities


With their motto, "It must be easy being green in Aalborg", Green Agents inspire citizens with tips on how to “greenify” their everyday life.

Aalborg Municipality has responded to its citizens’ desire to contribute to the green transition, lending a helping hand to make ideas and plans a reality. The ‘Green Agents’ are sustainability professionals with experience in making projects and plans come to life, utilizing their network and expertise. They are available to everyone from individuals with a great idea, to companies wanting better energy efficiency and organizations who wish to adopt the mindset and practices of the sharing economy.


Across the municipality, the Green Agents have supported citizens’ dreams and plans for creating sustainable communities. With the help of an Agent, the municipality’s schools have received teaching materials to promote a greener lifestyle among students.

Aalborg's Green Agents give sustainability advice, enabling citizens to fulfil their own green initiatives.

Additionally, an app has been developed with Aalborg University which enables citizens to visualize their energy consumption, and a housing association has received guidance on how to establish a car-pooling system. Furthermore, the Green Agents are always on-hand to support residents’ meetings, events and themed days, as well as being active on social media, sharing advice and garnering attention for the sustainability agenda.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Sustainable Cities and Communities

The Green Agents' focus on inclusion, resource efficiency, mitigation and climate adaptation help create a more sustainable city and community.

Responsible Production and Consumption

Through co-creation processes focusing on sustainable solutions, Green Agents enable the citizens to develop their sustainable skill set and contribute to a green transition.

Partnerships for the Goals

An array of partnerships have been established through the project, including public- private partnerships and civil society-based partnerships, all using previous experience and knowledge.