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100 climate solutions from Danish Municipalities


Gladsaxe has created more opportunities for getting active in one of Denmark's largest climate adaptation projects, with the added benefit of making citizens healthier.

In the Høje Gladsaxe housing project, climate adaptation and recreation go hand in hand. And with an area of 142 hectares, the equivalent of 200 football fields, the climate adaptation project is one of Denmark’s largest. The project handles rainwater from surrounding roads, sports facilities and 2,700 households. The project’s value lies in the size and number of applications envisaged as part of the climate adaptation process. The vision for the project is that, in addition to rainwater management and flood reduction, the area will see more recreational areas, higher biodiversity, and more room for activities.


One sub-project is the Gladsaxe Sports Center, an outdoor center with nine rainwater basins designed for various activities, such as skateboarding and paddle tennis. The pools are mostly recreational areas for activity and play, but can double as rainwater reservoirs should a cloudburst hit. A waterway path also combines rainwater treatment with a green cycle-route through the city, while a housing association has decoupled all rainwater from the drainage system by handling rainwater in green areas. With these projects, the municipality reduces the flood risk using green surface solutions, while providing citizens with more opportunities to get active outdoors.

Park in Gladsaxe Municipality has two purposes: climate change and healthy citizens.
The water pipeline path is one of the projects in Høje Gladsaxe; it ensures that rainwater is led away from the sewer system to become groundwater.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Clean Water and Sanitation

In addition to directing rainwater to trickle, which rises the greater groundwater formation. The municipality ensures that in winter rainwater is led to the sewers, avoiding harm to nature from salt used on the roads.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

A number of the municipality's projects seek to create space for locals to meet and get active: the Girls Room is a popular gathering point for the area's young girls.

Life on Land

The area’s biodiversity has increased as a result of the many new green and blue areas. The project has also helped to create a more natural water circuit.