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100 climate solutions from Danish Municipalities


In just two years, a new waste strategy has brought Vejle Municipality to the forefront of household waste recycling.

With the introduction of a new waste scheme, the municipality has made light work of sorting household waste. These changes are taking place not only in households but in the public domain, where sorting garbage cans have been installed. Additionally, the municipality has introduced garbage trucks that run on biogas. The new waste collection system has shown significant results.


Today, citizens of the municipality sort approximately 81% of the 125 kg food waste that each Dane is said to produce annually. Since the introduction of the waste scheme, the amount of organic waste collected has increased by 180%, paper and cardboard by 19%, and plastic by 25%.

The municipality has held several events at the recycling depot, as well as workshops for housing associations and homeowners’ associations.

Vejle has received great interest in the project from other municipalities, businesses and interest organizations. In particular, citizens’ support of the project has attracted interest and curiosity. One key reason for this support is the municipality’s close dialogue and cooperation with citizens and companies, as well as homeowners and the homeowners’ association. Additionally, the municipality has conducted major campaigns and disseminated information through events, public meetings, brochures, local press, social media and a temporary call center.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

The garbage trucks, which are running on biogas, save 700 tonnes of diesel a year. They also improve air quality by reducing toxic particle emissions, benefiting everyone's health.

Quality Education

The municipality has entered into a collaboration with Ecolarium, a knowledge center and experimentarium which, through exhibitions and events, informs children and young people about the importance of waste sorting.

Responsible Production and Consumption

In 2015, Vejle Municipality’s household waste recycling rate was 41%. Today, it is 61%, already exceeding the national target of 50% recycling in 2022.