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Ubitricity has developed a simple, easy-to-install electric vehicle (EV) charging port to increase access to power for drivers. Their intelligent design also helps manage demand for variable renewable energy sources.

Ubitricity provides installation and management services for electric vehicle charging stations. Their simple charging sockets are designed to be installed where they are needed. This may range from public lamp posts, to private car parks, residential buildings, hotels, and more. Rather than each charging point being fitted with complex metering technology, the meter is installed in Ubitricity’s Smart Cable, making charging points cheaper and easier to install, thus accelerating their proliferation.

Customers can purchase their own Smart Cable, which is compatible with existing commercial EV charging points as well as their own. Integrating the meter into the cable means customers get more accurate information about each recharge and can determine more precisely how much electricity their car consumes. Customers manage their electricity use on either a web or mobile-based app, which includes detailed consumption data, as well as a search function to help customers locate nearby charging stations.

Ubitricity has also recognised the important role that electric vehicles play in smart grid systems. Because EVs consume so much electricity, recharging at peak times can put a lot of pressure on variable renewable energy sources. The company uses smart metering technology, altering prices to reflect demand and encouraging users to charge their vehicles in off-peak times. By installing charging stations in places like office buildings and residential buildings, Ubitricity can give EV drivers more access to charging ports during these off-peak times.

Why you should care

Having sufficient charging infrastructure is an important factor in electrifying the transport sector. The company estimates that in Germany alone, there are 55,000 EVs but only around 3,200 charging stations, potentially stranding drivers without power. By making it simpler and cheaper for companies, households and municipalities to install their own charging ports, Ubitricity is helping to decrease uncertainty and encourage more drivers to make the switch to EVs.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and clean energy
Ubitricity’s smart metering system incentivises customers to recharge their cars in off-peak times, to help smooth out demand and supply variability from renewables.

Climate action
A study found that in Europe, EV’s are responsible for around half the emissions of a diesel car over the lifetime of the vehicle. Incentivising more to make the change to electric.