Coral Vita is working to restore damaged reefs through a unique land-based farming approach. 

Coral Vita is developing the world’s first commercial, land-based coral farm on Grand Bahama Island, in collaboration with the local port authority. The company offers a coral restoration option as well as eco-tourism opportunities for holiday makers interested in conservation.

Coral farming is the process of carefully raising coral fragments and reintroducing mature coral into their original habitat, which has proven beneficial for revitalising the health of a reef community. Growing coral on land provides several advantages for effectiveness and scalability when compared with traditional water-based approaches. While the young coral is most delicate, the farms are protected from ocean hazards such as boating accidents or warming conditions. A land-based farm also is more suited for ‘assisted evolution’ techniques, resulting in coral stock that is more resilient to changing conditions in a warmer world.

Coral Vita’s process produces growth at an estimated 50 times faster than natural rates, and their coral experts can mimic water conditions for coral native to specific areas, ensuring they can provide coral stock well suited for clients working on restoration projects all around the world.  

Why you should care

By 2050, more than 90% of coral reefs are projected to be afflicted with coral bleaching due to thermal stress. Coral reefs provide essential ecosystem services, including coastline protection from heavy storms and reducing erosion from wave energy. They can also help to generate eco-tourism, and sustain an estimated 25% of all tropical fisheries, which feed communities all around the world. The World Resources Institute values these services at $30 billion annually.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Life Below Water

Coral reefs are hotspots for marine biodiversity, and Coral Vita’s innovative farms build resilient and diverse coral supporting their preservation in the face of climate risks.

Climate Action

Healthy coral reefs are a natural defense for coastal communities against extreme weather events, which are predicted to increase in frequency and severity under climate change.