Using energy modelling algorithms and smart analytics, ENGIE Insight provide energy efficiency assessments to help drive energy savings for individuals and businesses.

ENGIE Insight’s efficiency analysis platform combines two stages of assessment. Firstly, the virtual energy assessment ranks multiple buildings in a property portfolio by their energy savings potential, and identifies unique operational and retrofit opportunities in minutes per building. Then, using the ‘Efficiency Track’, utilities and property managers can implement innovative programs to reduce energy consumption, track energy savings and receive updates when new technology could help to cut energy consumption further. This allows for a reliable, low-cost approach to verifying whole building savings from retrofit, operational, or behavioral changes.

Why you should care

Buildings account for over 40% of global energy consumed and 30 to 50% of that energy is routinely wasted, according to the company. Thus, buildings are a leading cause of harmful carbon emissions, which energy efficiency improvements can help mitigate. Utilities and energy service providers can use ENGIE Insight’s platform to scale energy efficiency improvements across multiple buildings.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Energy analytics can help optimize and retrofit commercial and industrial buildings in order to bring down their emissions, and increase their sustainability performance.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Being able to understand how energy is being used in all areas of consumption is the first step towards a more sustainable energy consumption on a global scale.

Climate Action

Energy efficiency is a powerful tool to drive down energy consumption. The EU aims for 20% energy savings by 2020 through efficiency measures; equivalent to turning off 400 power stations.