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100 climate solutions from Danish Municipalities


With energy checks, clear information and personal follow-ups, Helsingør Municipality is encouraging citizens to energy-renovate their homes.

In order to promote the energy renovation, especially of older houses and buildings, the citizens of Helsingør Municipality have been offered an energy check and thermographic scan of their property. The energy check should inform and motivate citizens to energy-renovate their homes and possibly even replace their oil-fired boiler with a less polluting heat source. The objectives of the energy renovation project are that 100 energy checks will be carried out, that 50 homes will be energy renovated within one-two years, and that energy consumption will be reduced by 8,000 kWh annually per dwelling.


To maximize the impact of these efforts, the municipality’s energy advisors follow up on the energy check. The municipality also addresses citizens through “scrap-your-oil-fired boiler”- meetings, and has made an online energy calculator available. The municipality expects that the initiative will reduce emissions of CO2-equivalent greenhouse gases by 780 tonnes per year.

One of Helsingør Municipality's energy advisors visiting a private home to make energy checks and give advice.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

The energy check emphasises a healthy indoor climate. Better housing ventilation and fresh air in the house improves the indoor climate, benefiting residents and especially allergy sufferers.

Affordable and Clean Energy

According to the energy renovation project’s objective, 100 oil-fired boilers should be replaced by heat pumps, saving 320 tonnes of CO2 per year from the switch.

Climate Action

The expected average energy saving of 8,000 kWh per dwelling is estimated to provide a CO2 saving of approximately two tonnes of CO2 annually.