Better World Fashion uses a circular, product-as-service business model to give shoppers an alternative to the conventional linear life cycle promoted in the world of fast fashion.

Better World Fashion produces, leases and sells premium recycled leather jackets and bags. Their concept and business model challenges issues in the fashion industry throughout the whole value chain, particularly waste and working conditions. They start off by sourcing used leather products from their NGO partners in Denmark, meaning no new leather is included in their products – in fact, their products are 98% reused or recycled material. Next, these materials are taken to Poland, where they are transformed into unique new products under fair working conditions and without child labour. The finished merchandise is shipped the short distance back to Denmark.

Better World Fashion understands that consumers are constantly seeking to change up their wardrobe, frequently buying and disposing of new clothes. The company’s jackets can be rented for €20 per month for a minimum of four months. Afterwards, customers can choose to return the jacket and switch to a new style or colour, providing variety but eliminating waste. Alternatively, those who choose to buy a jacket are granted a buy-back guarantee: the company will take back the product at the end of its life and upcycle it into a new item, and the customer will receive 50% off their next purchase. This way, the consumer is also guaranteed a quality product, because Better World Fashion expects to reuse the materials when they are no longer wanted.

Why you should care

According to the EU, the European textile industry generates around 16 million tonnes of textile waste annually. Much of this is incinerated or landfilled, which releases methane, dyes and harsh chemicals that may leach into water sources. Circular design extends the life-span of our clothes and can help divert waste.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Decent work and economic growth
Better World Fashion has a close relationship with their manufacturers and hold them to high labour standards, including no child labour.

Responsible production and consumption

The circular business used by Better World Fashion extends the lifetime of leather materials and provides that ‘new feel’ that people love from clothes.

Climate action
Compared to making a leather jacket from scratch, Better World Fashion jackets save on energy and carbon emissions. The company estimates to have saved over 8,000kg of CO2 so far.