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50 climate solutions from cities in the People's Republic of China


A community in Zhongshan is implementing a mix of low-carbon technologies to reduce their carbon footprint and inspire other citizens to follow suit.

Beiqu is a community of around 150,000 people within the city of Zhongshan and has been established as a low-carbon community, demonstrating how various technologies can improve the town’s livability and reduce residents’ carbon footprints. Over 2 MW of PV solar has been installed on rooftops and wasteland, and integrated with charging points for electric vehicles, with low-interest loans provided to residents to install the systems. Other rooftops have been converted into green roofs, sequestering carbon and harvesting rainwater.


Waste management and improved recycling are also being implemented, with food waste converted into compost to fertilize garden plots run by local residents. Beiqu’s diverse range of low-carbon measures are showcased in a “low-carbon station” in which technologies are displayed to the public, raising awareness about the newly available technologies. This demonstration area was created by a team of citizens, with the aim of integrating the technologies further into the community. With such a strong educational aspect to this project, Beiqu is keen to share the opportunities that decarbonizing can oœer with other communities in the county.

Climate Action_Zhongshan
More than 2 MW of PV has been installed in the low-carbon demonstration town (photo by Lie Wu).

The Challenge

While many individuals are aware of the problems caused by climate change, they are unsure of how their actions can be part of the solution. By demonstrating how various low-carbon technologies can be implemented, the Beiqu community is setting the way for green urbanization.


Environment  Improved waste management, more green space, and increased renewable energy have led to a cleaner, greener urban environment.

Health Eating locally grown organic vegetables and breathing cleaner air bring great health benefits to the residents of Beiqu.

Social Community members are at the heart of this project, with volunteering opportunities and low-carbon lifestyles creating a more harmonious neighborhood.