Illuminum Greenhouses develop low-cost greenhouses from local materials that can be monitored and remotely controlled via text messages.

“If agriculture is to succeed in the future, it must embrace and leverage big data.”

Taita Ngetich – Co-Founder, Illuminum Greenhouses Kenya

Illuminum Greenhouses’ affordable and smart greenhouses enable African farmers to monitor and manage their crops remotely. The smart greenhouses are equipped with five sensors that monitor temperature, humidity and soil moisture in the greenhouses. A solar-powered system relays the information from the sensors to the farmer’s cell phone via SMS. This way, the farmer can monitor and regulate conditions from afar simply by sending an SMS back to the greenhouse. This solar-powered system enables the greenhouse to run for five days without the farmer’s intervention. All Illuminum Greenhouses are produced with local materials, reducing building costs and increasing affordability for African farmers. The company’s smart greenhouses were launched in early 2016.

Why you should care

Greenhouses boost crop production, yielding 15 to 20 times more produce than a normal field of the same area. The smart sensors and management options of Illuminum Greenhouses further increase productivity at low cost, enabling farmers to increase their incomes without using more resources.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Zero Hunger
Making greenhouses accessible for smallholder farmers leads to increased crop production and profitability for farmers, in turn fighting hunger in these regions.

Clean water and sanitation
By controlling water usage via irrigation schedules, Illuminum Greenhouse owners can cut water use by more than 60%, according to the company.

Affordable and Clean Energy
Solar panels are a central part of the greenhouse solution and supply clean energy for powering the electric components and sensors in the Illuminum Greenhouse systems.

Decent Work and Economic Growth
The cheapest greenhouse costs just $89, meaning that Illuminum Greenhouses provide a realistic business improvement option for many rural farmers.

Life on Land
Greenhouses offer a much more space efficient way of growing produce, thereby preventing further conversion of land into agricultural fields, which the IPCC cite as a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

About Illuminum Greenhouses

Illuminum Greenhouses are an Agri-Tech greenhouse and drip installation company in Kenya working with smallholder farmers to improve production and increase efficiency through the use of new modern technologies.

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Global Goals addressed

Deployed in: Kenya
Developed in: Kenya
Stage: Full implementation