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100 climate solutions from Danish Municipalities


Unique public-private partnership, ProjectZero, demonstrates how great climate leadership can transform how cities, communities and companies operate.

ProjectZero was established in 2007 with the ambition of making the entire Sønderborg region carbon neutral by 2029. Since 2007, a number of collaborative and transitional programs have been launched under the public- private partnership, such as ZEROcompany. ZEROcompany provides advice and climate strategy guidance to member companies including the major local companies Linak and Danfoss. These major players have implemented energy efficiency strategies, established extensive solar power systems and reduced CO2 emissions by 45%.


Another program, ZERObuilt (ZERObyg) has educated hundreds of energy advisors and raised awareness about ZEROhome (ZERObolig). 1,600 households have been visited by ZERObolig, many of which have gone on to undertake energy renovations of their own.

Huge transformations happen through a series of targeted initiatives that engage citizens as well as other local and national stakeholders.

The municipality is determined to reach its goal of carbon neutrality through education, sustainable urban development, new housing concepts and green business. By the end of 2016, both CO2 emissions and energy consumption had been cut by 35% and 17.5% respectively compared to 2007. Among many initiatives, this was achieved by retrofitting more than 3,000 homes and switching to district heating of 95% green fuel in three cities. The municipality has replaced 44 diesel buses with new biogas buses and energy renovated 124 municipal buildings, 42 of which now boast solar panels. These measures have almost halved CO2 emissions across the municipal administration.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Quality Education

Learning materials on the environment and sustainability has been added to the curriculum of 16,000 students. A collaborative vocational learning platform has also been set up in collaboration with Haiyan County, China.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

ProjectZero's overall goal is to create sustainable communities. The initiative works with community organizations to coordinate efforts which include topics such as local food production and job creation.

Partnerships for the Goals

ProjectZero has fostered many partnerships, inspiring new local collaborations based on the ProjectZero’s model, including architect Frank Gehry's large-scale urban-harbour development in Sønderborg.