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100 climate solutions from Danish Municipalities


In Middelfart, the municipality has been transformed into a live showcase for climate and energy projects to inspire other regions and communities.

Middelfart takes climate change seriously and plans to be prepared for future climate change and unpredictable weather. To this end, the Climate Laboratory (Klimalaboratoriet) has been developed which seeks to mitigate climate change as well as adapt to it. Middelfart connects learning, business growth and urban development through multi-stakeholder partnerships.


In general, the municipality wishes to provide energy and climate solutions for smaller cities on a 1:1 scale. These include training craftsmen in energy conversion, rain gardens, intelligent heat management, and energy efficiency projects.

Trees and flower beds have been planted all along Karensvej to collect everyday rainwater, slowing rainwater runoff and diverting water away from the roads.

The Climate City (KlimaByen) is one of Middelfart’s most important climate adaptation projects. It has established new rainwater treatment plants which allow rainwater to be transported through the city, rather than having to expand the drainage system. The Climate City covers four areas representing different types of urban space commonly found in Denmark, making it a relevant and inspirational project for other municipalities. Additionally, the high level of citizen engagement has resulted in the creation of attractive outdoor spaces with opportunities for activities, recreation, community and learning.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Clean Water and Sanitation

Instead of overloading the existing sewer system, The Climate City uses natural water management solutions to avoid flooding and pollution of the local aquatic environment.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Citizens have joined the architects to transform the streets into greener spaces. At the same time, speed limits for cars have been lowered, increasing safety for walkers and cyclists.

Partnerships for the Goals

Middelfart Municipality has entered into partnerships with relevant companies, citizen groups, associations, organizations and researchers among others. This ensures the success of the climate projects.