NTU International is working with the Zambian government to plan and develop a renewable energy demonstration project.

In Zambia, the government has launched several initiatives to develop renewable energy production and enhance energy efficiency. NTU is providing technical assistance to the Rural Electrification Authority of Zambia in the development of demonstration projects for renewable energy and energy efficiency. The project will help increase access to clean, reliable and affordable energy, and promote renewable energy production and energy efficiency in Zambia. NTU’s support is targeted to fostering the government’s rural electrification efforts, as well as the construction of resilient infrastructure in the energy sector, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and addressing energy poverty in rural areas. When the project is over, 1 million people in Zambia’s rural areas will have access to power.

Homes in Zambia installed with solar panels. NTU International.

An Engineering Approach to SDG 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy

Energy is essential to keep life, production, growth and development going. However, being the main contributor to climate change, energy also constitute one of the biggest challenges that the world and humanity face today. This calls for new green and sustainable energy solutions, behavioural change, not to mention new policies, on global and local scales. Danish consulting engineers play an active role in this necessary turnaround. For instance, when we work with national governments to enhance international cooperation to facilitate policy dialogue and access to shared sources of energy, when we design and implement stand-alone energy systems, provide technical assistance to local authorities, assist governments with energy efficiency strategies, or when we design integrated renewable energy solutions, including wind, solar, biomass and hydro.

NTU International is a consulting firm providing programme management and advisory services for projects worldwide and a member of FRI, the Danish association of consulting engineers. This story was originally featured in FRI’s publication: “Engineering a Better and Sustainable World“.