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Globally, buildings account for 30% of energy consumption and almost a third of CO2 emissions. Making construction one of the most polluting and most challenging sectors to tackle. To accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) there needs to be a universal shift in the way we design and construct buildings and infrastructure projects. The need for more roads, bridges, and buildings will continue to increase. Thus, sustainable solutions and designs need to be implemented worldwide. FRI’s (the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers) mission is to help engineer a better and more sustainable world for all to enjoy by offering consulting, planning, and project management services.

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FRI is a trade association of around 300 Danish consultancy and engineering firms with more than 100 years of experience. Providing consulting services, planning, and project management primarily on a technical-scientific basis. In addition, member firms provide services in economic as well as non-technical fields. FRI member firms employe 13,000 people in Denmark and 28,000 worldwide. The total turnover of FRI members is €2.6 worldwide.

FRI members work closely with international financial institutions (IFIs) towards the SDGs, addressing global issues in a local context. FRI aims to make a significant contribution both directly and indirectly to the achievement of all 17 SDGs.

FRI adheres to a strict ethical consulting code, works to influence government policies, prepares industry analysis and reports, and provides tools and guides for its members.