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Rosendahls is a Danish graphic and electronic communication company founded in Esbjerg in 2001. Limiting their environmental impacts is a central aspect of their business. In order to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable operations, they hold a number of certifications. First, their environmental management systems are assured under the ISO 14001 certification and the European Eco-management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). These voluntary schemes commit the company to continuously improving their environmental performance, particularly through lessening their consumption of energy, water and chemicals.

In addition, they offer their customers the option to have their products printed on either Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Nordic Swan label certified paper. FSC certification ensures that forests are not harvested at a rate that is beyond their replenishment rate, in order to avoid net deforestation. The Nordic Swan label is the Nordic environmental certification, and indicates that a product has the lowest possible environmental footprint while delivering similar quality and function as equivalent products.

Finally, Rosendahls is a certified CO2 neutral company under the Climaware scheme. They achieve carbon neutrality by measuring their greenhouse gas emissions, and purchasing offsets through schemes predominantly in developing countries.

Rosendahls actively measures and monitors the environmental impacts of their operations. Recognising that machinery is a significant source of emissions, they are exploring more efficient technology to help reduce their footprint.