Who Gives A Crap produces and distributes recycled toilet paper and donates 50% of their profits to organisations that build toilets in developing countries.

Who Gives A Crap is a social enterprise that sells toilet paper to fund the construction of toilets for those without access to proper sanitation. Their regular toilet paper is made ‘tree-free’ – it contains either 100% recycled post-consumer paper or 100% bamboo, meaning no new trees are cut down for production. It is also produced without inks, dyes or scents. They have also expanded to produce kitchen roll and tissues.

Half of the company’s profits are donated to organisations that provide sanitation facilities, including WaterAid Australia, Sanergy, Shining Hope For Communities, and Lwala Community Alliance. To date, they have given over $1.3 million to projects in countries like Cambodia, Timor-Leste and Kenya.

Why you should care

In 2015, 2.3 billion people still lived without any access to basic sanitation services – in fact, more people in the world have a mobile phone than a toilet. What’s more, 870,000 people died from diseases related to water, sanitation and hygiene in 2016. Providing access to improved sanitation services is key for avoiding preventable illness and death from improper hygiene.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good health and well-being

By increasing access to proper sanitation services, Who Gives A Crap is helping to prevent the spread of communicable diseases resulting from improper hygiene.

Clean water and sanitation

Who Gives A Crap has provided over $1.3 million in essential funding for organisations to increase access to proper toilets in a number of developing countries.

Life on land

With an estimated 27,000 trees cut down each day for toilet paper, promoting ‘tree-free’ toilet paper consumption can reduce demand for new forest products and prevent deforestation.