Equipped with fast-charging technology, the EcoRide bus can stay on the road longer than most other electric buses while offering safe and energy-efficient transit.

Proterra’s EcoRide bus is the first full-size, zero-emissions electric vehicle (EV) transit bus in revenue service in the United States. The bus features a fast-charge system that keeps it on the road for more time, without the overnight charging requirements of alternatives. With on-route fast-charging, the bus can fully charge in as little as 5 minutes, keeping it in passenger service for as long as required. Proterra states that the bus can cover 480+ kilometers per day.

The composite body of the bus provides a 20 to 40% weight reduction without jeopardizing safety, and the body of the bus is also stronger and more resistant to crashes, leading to a 40% longer lifespan, according to Proterra.

Proterra has demonstrated that EV buses not only work, but offer the lowest total cost of ownership and the most environmentally friendly option for communities smart enough to embrace them.

Garrett Mikita – President and CEO, Proterra

Why you should care

By offering a quiet, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly bus to the public transport market, Proterra has helped cities across the United States reduce their carbon footprints and improve the quality of life for residents. Proterra claims that the EcoRide bus has a fuel economy per kilometer (when electricity use is translated into conventional fuels) that is nearly six times better than that of a diesel bus.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good health and well-being

Encouraging electric public transport improves urban air quality – a problem that currently kills 5.5 million people every year – and promotes a healthier lifestyle by increasing mobility levels.

Affordable and clean energy

Buses charged by electricity grids with increasing shares of renewable energy help to reduce our dependency on oil as a source of transport fuels.

Sustainable cities and communities

E-buses are cheaper to operate for city agencies than traditional alternatives: the EcoRide bus creates $750,000 in fuel savings, and $130,000 in maintenance savings over a 16-year life-cycle.

Climate action

The move to decarbonise public transport will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector in urban areas.