MarESS is a cloud-based software which monitors fuel levels from marine vessels and provides insights for reducing fuel usage, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Maress software is a cloud-based database assisting marine companies with information they need to cut fuel costs, meet legislative requirements, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The software identifies periods of excessive consumption and proposes the most effective fuel saving initiatives to make cost and emissions saving for the company. It does this by combining data on fuel levels with other information systems such as weather information and ship tracking. 

Recent European regulation on carbon emissions and fuel consumption forces offshore companies operating in European ports to prepare and submit ship-specific fuel consumption and emissions reports. This is putting pressure on ship managers who have previously not been required to monitor the fuel consumption of their vessels. Software systems that do not require file downloads or large bandwidth like Maress are naturally in demand as efficient and easy-to-use tools for the offshore sector. So far, Maress is used daily on more than 150 ships for some of the world´s most advanced offshore vessel companies.

Why you should care

The cost for shipping goods has never been as low as now and with increasing demand on goods globally, it could be a challenge to meet the International Maritime Organisation’s goal to half the total annual greenhouse gas emissions from the marine sector by 2050. Monitoring fuel usage and making reductions with software like Maress has the potential to help the offshore sector meet their goals. In 2018, the software helped clients reduce more than 25,000 tons of CO2 emissions. 

How the Global Goals are addressed

Affordable and clean energy
Yxney Maritime develops innovative tools and digital platforms to ensure reliable, efficient and modern use of energy for the maritime enterprise globally.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Maress software promotes a more resilient water transportation infrastructure that fosters innovation.