ViriCiti offers online energy management to optimise the performance of electric bus and truck fleets, enabling them to drive further at lower cost.

ViriCiti’s cloud-based monitoring system combines telecommunications and vehicle tracking technologies, and is designed specifically to improve the daily operations of electric trucks and city buses. Each vehicle that is connected is equipped with a hardware hub, which sends all the vehicle data to ViriCiti’s secure servers. On these servers, data is processed and analysed in real time and transformed into clear, informative dashboards for use by bus and truck fleet operators. This information is used to make decisions to optimise charge cycles and route planning, as well as to control interior climate and suggest more economical driver behaviour.

By using the system, electric vehicles gain 25% more range, range anxiety for drivers is eliminated, and utilization rates of vehicles are increased by 10%, according to ViriCiti. The company provides detailed fleet performance statistics for operators, manufactures, suppliers and public transit agencies, ensuring that electric vehicle stakeholders can monitor the key metrics they need to keep fleets operating efficiently.

Why you should care

The transport sector is estimated to make up 15% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. Promoting the use of electric vehicles in commercial and public transit fleets by making it easy to monitor energy use and charging levels can help reduce the emissions from the sector and encourage greater adoption of electric buses and trucks on city streets.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-Being

Purely electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, so by optimising electric vehicle fleet management to encourage its adoption, ViriCiti helps to reduce air pollution related health problems in cities.

Affordable and Clean Energy

ViriCiti are optimising the performance of electric buses and trucks, making them a more attractive alternative to traditional, fossil fuel powered vehicles.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

ViritCiti’s continuous monitoring and efficiency improvements help to increase the amount of time electric vehicles can stay on the road by 10%, resulting in lower operating costs for transit agencies and cities.

Climate Action

Improving electric public transport helps to reduce the number of privately owned vehicles on roads and also helps to decarbonise public transport.