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Sustainer Homes designs and constructs unique buildings through innovative sustainable design principles and a focus on renewable energy. Their buildings are modular, customisable and self-contained to suit a variety of needs, including residential and commercial property.

Seeking to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry, Sustainer Homes has developed a modular system for constructing customisable homes and office buildings. The company uses Finnish Pine wood as the key material in the building modules, due to its low environmental footprint, versatility and durability.

Buildings can either be selected from a catalogue of designs or custom-designed using a combination of the company’s different models. Each piece of the building is carved out using high precision techniques involving computer-controlled saws. Further, each piece has a unique identification code, which speeds up the construction process and means that individual parts can be easily replicated and replaced in case of damage. Once the components of the house are cut, they are assembled in a warehouse, meaning there is no delay or damage due to adverse weather conditions (an important consideration in the Netherlands). Afterwards, the finished pieces are transported to the site, where they are installed in one to two days.

Energy is a key consideration in their design. Each building is fitted with solar panels to provide energy for electricity and heating, and are properly insulated to maximise the energy efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Thanks to the integration of renewable energy systems and smart use of materials, Sustainer Homes estimates that their buildings generate 90% less CO2 emissions than conventionally built properties made from steel and concrete.

At present they are only operating in the Netherlands, as their buildings are designed to comply with Dutch regulatory standards. In the future they intend to extend their services beyond homes and offices, to hotels and even emergency accommodation in off-grid areas.

Why you should care

The way buildings are constructed and used has an enormous impact on resource consumption. Construction and demolition in the EU is responsible for between 25-30% of all solid waste created. In addition, buildings consume 40% of energy in the EU and generate 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, constructing low waste, energy efficient buildings can be an important tool for reducing the construction sector’s environmental footprint in the EU.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Sustainable production and consumption

Through their customisable, modular design, Sustainer Homes is helping to moderate waste generation in the construction sector and improve resource management.

Climate action

Sustainer Homes are estimated to generate 90% less CO2 emissions in construction than conventionally built steel and concrete buildings.