CHOOOSE purchases carbon credits on behalf of individuals and companies to support UN certified CO2 reduction projects in developing countries.

Carbon credits are bought from the international carbon market and then immediately retired, ensuring that credits are not double counted. Double counting refers to the same single greenhouse gas emission reduction or removal being counted more than once to demonstrate compliance with mitigation targets.

Carbon credits act as a currency for individuals and companies to offset their emissions, whereby they can purchase credits from the carbon credit market to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions. When a carbon credit is purchased and deleted, it goes towards funding projects such as installation of renewable energy or reforestation. This extra funding that the renewable energy projects receive can help them stay competitive against the fossil fuel industry.

CHOOOSE encourages people and companies to go climate positive by offsetting more than they emit. Individuals can subscribe to CHOOOSE to offset their monthly or yearly emissions. Companies can choose to offset a set amount for each product or service sold, or offset an event, making the performers and audience climate positive. So far, CHOOOSE has deleted 150,000 tonnes of CO2, which equals the climate effect of 300,000 flights from Oslo to Los Angeles.

Why you should care

In order to keep our global temperature rise below two degrees, we need to significantly reduce our emissions. Offsetting emissions in one area of the world with carbon-intensive infrastructure by funding clean energy projects in developing nations can help them to avoid ‘lock-in’ and damaging future climate scenarios.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Climate Action

CHOOOSE enables individuals and companies to contribute to climate mitigation efforts in a simple way. The company has already offset more than 70,000 tonnes of CO2.



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