Echandia uses submarine technology to retrofit passenger ferries with electric power for quieter, more economical and zero-emission journeys.

In Stockholm, Sweden, Echandia Marine has completed its first electrically propelled passenger ferry installation, shuttling citizens throughout the city’s archipelago. The ferry has demonstrated commercial viability, and can operate for an hour on just ten minutes of charging. Echandia Marine has developed a cleaner, more environmentally friendly way of powering small- to medium-sized electric commuter ferries. Their innovative propulsion system is virtually silent, consumes very little electricity and emits no pollutants or greenhouse gases when operating.

A ferry retrofitted by Echandia Marine consumes just 500 MWh of energy per year, and operates at 90% energy efficiency, compared to 28% to 35% for a standard diesel engine, according to the company. Their system uses magnetic electrical motors to power the ferry, which are cooled using the surrounding sea water.

Why you should care

A conventional ferry consumes about 120 m3 of diesel per year and emits around 300 tons of CO2, according to Echandia. This contributes to climate change, poor urban air quality and noise pollution. Echandia Marine helps to solve these problems by retrofitting existing ferries with cleaner and more efficient propulsion systems. According to Echandia Marine, the system offers a 20% to 30% reduction in operating costs and almost 100% reduction in maintenance costs.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Cleaner ferry operations improve air and water quality around coastal cities, while quieter trips create a more peaceful urban environment.

Climate Action

An electric ferry retrofitted with Echandia Marine’s drivetrain reduces CO2 emissions to zero at the point of use, and are also more energy-efficient overall than diesel engines.

Life Below Water

By emitting no pollutants and eliminating the risk of diesel spills, electric ferries contribute to much cleaner and healthier coastal waters.