Skywater produces clean drinking water by imitating the natural process of condensation with a unique distillation process. This technology enables a continuous production of water, even in low humidity.

The Skywater Air Machines can be a solution to water scarcity in rural areas, as a freshwater source in emergency relief situations, or for remote working sites. Different sizes are made for different functions depending on the purpose and the end user. Ranging from air water machines for private use producing 100L of drinking water a day, to machines providing up to 3,500L of pure drinking water per day. The machines can either be powered with an electric generator or through solar power, offering flexibility when it comes to power generation.

The technology that Skywater has developed is capable of replicating the natural process of condensation by stimulating the dew point, thus allowing continuous water production in low-humidity conditions. Although high humidity and temperatures between 21 and 32℃ are the best conditions to make water from air, Skywater’s Adiabatic Distillation technology allows the machine to be able to operate in less favourable conditions and is therefore able to produce more water in varied climates than most other air-to-water devices. After the water is produced, the machine then generates ozone, (a naturally occurring gas produced in the run up to storms) and pumps it through the collected water to purify it without leaving an unpleasant taste.

Why you should care

Around 1.2 billion people worldwide live in areas of water scarcity with additional 1.6 billion people facing economic water shortages where they lack proper infrastructure to collect and transport water. A third of the world’s largest groundwater systems are already in distress which is why we need to come up with solutions of how we can provide water to a growing population.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Good Health and Well-being

Contaminated drinking water is responsible for an estimated 502,000 deaths every year from diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera. Providing safe alternative water sources such as with Skywater’s technology can help to reduce this number.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Over 40% of the global population is affected by water scarcity. Skywater’s purifying technology provides clean and drinkable water in areas that otherwise might struggle to find uncontaminated water.