Wholi’s bug-based products seek to change the social conventions of what makes a delicious snack to create a sustainable and responsible food culture.

With their umami-oozing Buff ‘Bug’ Bars, the Danish-based company Wholi are front-runners in the sustainable transition within the food industry. They have partnered with farmers in Cambodia and DanChurchAid to serve insect-based food products with style and change the social conventions around insects in everyday food consumption.

Buffalo larvae flour is used as the natural protein source in the Buff bars with dates and peanuts/almonds as the main ingredients. The bar comes in two flavours; one with fresh lime, coconut and roasted almonds, and one with crunchy peanut butter and sea salt. The bar is made from all-natural ingredients which means no artificial sweeteners or other additives, which are commonplace amongst other protein-rich bars. The buffalo larvae flour is naturally rich in vitamin B12, Omega 3, iron, and calcium, as well as containing high protein levels.

Why you should care

Even though the social norms and attitudes surrounding diets are changing, the western meat-centered diet is still one of the major environmental footprint contributors. In order to take insect-based food to the next level, it should not only be environmentally friendly, but also healthy and delicious. Wholi’s buff bars are doing exactly that and changing attitudes towards insect consumption.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Industry, innovation and infrastructure
By partnering with small-scale cricket farmers in Cambodia, Wholi integrates small-scale companies into the mainstream value chains and markets.

Climate action
Wholi have several online recipes using insects as meat alternatives. Insects are responsible for around one sixth of the greenhouse gas emissions compared with beef.