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100 Climate Actions from Cities in Asia and the Pacific


A pilot community is looking to implement a variety of low-carbon concepts into city planning, construction, and the lives of residents in order to control rising greenhouse gas emissions.

Yuebeizhen is a suburb of Jilin that is in the midst of rapid urbanization, but is looking to explore low-carbon alternatives to conventional urban growth trajectories through the introduction of energy efficient and renewable energy infrastructure, water-saving technologies, improved solid waste management, and the promotion of low-carbon lifestyle alternatives.



A priority of the initiative is to reduce emissions resulting from fossil fuel combustion; to this end, a broad range of investments are being made. For example, residential and community buildings will be renovated to include energy-saving measures, and street lights and buildings will be powered by renewable energy. Furthermore, the use of water-saving appliances, rainwater harvesting, and flow metering will contribute to a more secure water supply, and waste recycling programs will be implemented.

The project started in 2017 and is currently in progress, with a few measures already under development.

Yuebeizhen will become a model for low-carbon city construction, with other communities in Jilin expected to follow suit (photo by ADB).

The Challenge

Yuebeizhen is in the midst of rapid urbanization and has seen an analogous increase in greenhouse gas emissions.


Health By reducing greenhouse gas emissions and various forms of waste, the project helps reduce disease caused by pollution and improves the overall health of residents.

Economic Investments in energy renovation, including solar street lights and building retrofits, will save the city around CNY1.35 million per year.residents.

Social The project will contribute to a shift in consumption and lifestyle habits, with bicycle rental stations, electric vehicle charging stations, and a low-carbon living guide being introduced.