Brøl is a Danish nano-brewery tackling food waste by using rescued bread as a key ingredient in their beers.

Brøl, a name that originates from the Danish words for bread (brød) and beer (øl), collects surplus bread from bakeries around Copenhagen. They then use this bread to replace 20% of the grain that would ordinarily go into brewing beers – therefore saving not only the bread, but also some of the refuse grain that is created from breweries. These beers are not only a statement against food waste, but also our unrealistic expectations of consistent produce – because the type of bread they use varies according to the supply, each batch has a distinct and different flavour.

10% of the profits from the brewery will be channeled into the Brøl Fund, which will be used to support entrepreneurs who are working to reimagine the way we produce, distribute and consume food. To date, Brøl has produced 2,160 litres of beer containing around 300 kilograms of rescued bread.

Why you should care

Although the Danes have made progress on food waste in recent years, they still produce an estimated 700,000 tonnes of food waste throughout the supply chain each year. Brøl wants not only to prevent waste by integrating it into their inputs, but also to inspire others to be more creative about food waste.

How the Global Goals are addressed

Responsible consumption and production

Brøl can help to recapture value from food waste by using surplus bread as an ingredient in their beers.